We're Investing In The Future of Texas

At Axeon Interlocal, we believe in sharing our success, by supporting our neighbors and communities. By reinvesting in other Texas non-profit organizations with our time, talent and treasures, we can help grow their impact and preserve the quality of life in this great state.

We provide grants to eligible recipients since no child should have to worry about its next meal or where they will sleep. Unfortunately, more than 12 million kids in the US or 1 in 5 live in poverty. When children grow up without necessities like food, shelter, education, parents and healthcare, they will not have the skills or opportunity to contribute to our state or America’s future.

     That is why we are committing to reinvest in the children of Texas

Therefore, we will take a portion of our profits on an annual basis to fund successful programs helping children break the cycle of poverty. Our grants will focus on things like health, education, leadership and the two-generation approach, just to name a few.

Over the next few months, we will announce our board, criteria for participation, eligibility requirements, schedule of grants, etc.

Check back in periodically for more information.