Why Axeon is the Preferred Choice

For more than 18 years, our strategic partner Acclaim Energy has been solving the toughest energy challenges for government entities, Municipal Utility Districts, ISDs, hospitals, universities, and businesses throughout Texas. As a result, they have developed a deep level of expertise and success when it comes to leveraging market insights to provide cost-effective reliability solutions. They work with every major supplier in the market and know how they perform. Therefore, you get the right information to make the best choices and value for your organization.


The Texas energy market is changing dramatically due to the increase in renewables in the grid, regulatory reforms, and weather uncertainty.  Overcoming the complexity of today’s evolving market requires organizations to embrace new strategies and technology to protect their operations. Reliability and resiliency are critical considerations when striving to ensure you can achieve your reliability goals.


The complexity of the Texas grid is adversely affecting large consumers and their need for affordable solutions. The recent February freeze simply validated the need for everyone to explore what cost-effective options are available and proven to increase reliability.  Several aspects of our assessment include:

  • Modeling your actual demand and load
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Reliability enhancements available at your sites
  • System protection options
  • Load Forecasting
  • Identification of site-specific constraints
  • Engineer preferences
  • Interconnection options with local utility
  • Technology choices to improve performance
  • Financial analysis specific to each site

Based on our extensive research, we have engaged Acclaim Energy to offer a one-stop shop, low-cost alternative to ensure optimal levels of reliability performance. This service offering includes strategic alliances with the premier equipment providers in the industry who work hand in hand with your engineers and lawyers to secure the optimal solution. Highlighted below are a few of the benefits our customers enjoy:

  • Evaluation of each site to determine the best reliability solution
  • Financial models of each system’s overall performance and costs
  • Standards and systems to ensure continuous power reliability
  • Routine testing and reporting to ensure superior performance
  • Higher measurable reliability than emergency-only generators
  • Manufacturer-provided installation, monitoring, and maintenance of equipment
  • Options for extended warranties and replacement generators in the event of catastrophic failure
  • Financing options
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Ability to capture maximum value in grid participation programs