Leaders with Industry Experience

At Axeon Interlocal (AI), we take pride in developing and connecting technologies and solutions to help our members optimize their energy profile. Our proven processes and strategies will help reduce costs, drive reliability, improve efficiency, and provide sustainable performance improvements.

Through the vast experience of our partner Acclaim Energy, your organization will be able to leverage the thoughts and ideas of multiple energy experts; people who have worked in Texas since the deregulation of the energy industry began. They will analyze your energy usage and patterns, collaboratively working with you to ensure timely and best-in-class energy advice is provided to secure the lowest cost and best energy value available in the marketplace.

In essence, you will have a seasoned energy manager at your service, capable of providing sound, thoughtful consultation on all matters related to energy, not just during the contract process, but throughout the term of your contract.


Electricity and Natural Gas Procurement – We utilize our expertise to assess our member’s tolerance for risk, current and anticipated market conditions and our member’s business needs to develop optimal supply contract structures. We also issue Requests for Proposals to the top energy suppliers, negotiate contract terms, prices and facilitate the consummation of supply contracts consistent with your procurement strategy to ensure maximum competition for the right to serve your energy needs.


Energy Management Operations Improvement – Our team uses detailed energy data and operations outputs to analyze the energy management effectiveness of your operations and develops recommended strategies and initiatives to reduce energy and certain related costs, implementing strategies focused on operational consistency.


Bill Verification – Invoices for electricity and natural gas costs can be complex. Price components can change from month to month and rate structures can have as many as fifteen to twenty cost drivers. By applying our bill verification process, we can analyze each rate component to ensure that you are on the appropriate tariff, that your rate is calculated accurately, and we can address problem accounts that are being impacted by a demand ratchet or poor power factor.


Behind Meter Technologies – We have the energy expertise and skill to help you understand various technologies including LED lighting, building management systems, controls, VFDs, and other technologies that may be a good fit for your establishment. More importantly, we can help you utilize these technologies to maximize their capability.


Utility DSM Programs – Your utility allocates DSM funds annually for specific programs to encourage the installation of technologies that save energy and demand including AC equipment upgrades, lighting retrofits, and building envelope upgrades to name a few. These funds are available to your entity and we will make certain that these programs are considered and utilized and will facilitate your participation in these programs as well.


Retail Electric Provider (REP) and Transmission Distribution Provider (Utility) – REP’s invest millions on systems that are available to their customers. We will ensure that your REP’s tools and services are understood and used to their fullest capacity. Additionally, we will assist you with utility and REP interactions with respect to adds, deletes, line extensions, meter consolidation, transformer upgrades, outages, and the possible configuration of equipment to allow for selling power back into the grid.


Solar, Wind and Storage – There are many offers for renewable generation either behind your meters or at offsite locations (utility scale generation) as well as battery and or thermal storage technologies that are becoming more prevalent. We will help you understand these technologies, explaining the pros and cons of each and how they can affect your establishment in the short and long term as well as achieving the optimal way to integrate these renewables.


The ERCOT market offers various forms of Demand Response. We will help you understand the differences and guide you to which ones make the most sense for your public entity.

4CP Notification Services – Reducing your peak demand during ERCOT’s 4 coincident peaks will provide significant reductions for your largest meters (IDR) billing determinants, providing tens or hundreds of thousands of annual savings. We help identify and strategize with you to capitalize on these opportunities.

Utility Load Curtailment Programs – All TDSPs set aside funds annually for their specific load curtailment programs. Typically, these are the highest incentives available making it important for your entity to consider this avenue first. However, specific rules exist that must be adhered to. Correct program participation and maximizing incentives for your establishment will be the primary goal.

ERCOT – Emergency Reserve Services – Arguably the most popular program and certainly the largest pot of funds, ERCOT-sponsored ERS programs incentivize customers that can curtail load with short notice. We will negotiate directly with top Demand Response providers, ensuring that your nominated load makes sense and ensuring that your establishment keeps the lion’s share of funds.

Economic Dispatch – Another approach to Demand Response seeks to adjust the demand for power instead of adjusting the supply. Simply put, clients can receive compensation for curtailing usage during high price periods and we have access to the technology and systems in place to affect these events.


Benchmarking is our approach to comparing business processes and performance metrics to industry best practices from other organizations to compare facilities within your own organization. Through invoice analysis, we can pick out problem meters that have unusually high cost per square foot to identify issues that may exist in that location.