Mark Michna

Vice President of Sales

Mark represents Axeon Interlocal through our strategic partner, Acclaim Energy. He has over 35 years of experience in collaboration with end-users in regulated and deregulated electricity and natural gas markets throughout Texas. He has a deep understanding of the energy market, its suppliers, and regulations. He is known for providing superior knowledge for public energy sector consumers and specializes in optimizing their portfolios, mitigating risks, and capturing the best prices.

Mark has deep expertise in every aspect of strategic energy management. He has held various account management and supervisory positions during his career. While at HL&P he gained knowledge in electrical data analysis, rate and tariff optimization, bill auditing, metering solutions, and electrical distribution systems and operations. He joined Reliant Energy in 2000, at the inception of energy deregulation in Texas. His work with various industries allows him to look at energy holistically to create value throughout the entire energy value chain.

Mark is highly sought after by both public and private organizations who use large amounts of electricity because of his knowledge, transparency, collaboration, and ability to negotiate and deliver superior pricing. His customer retention rates are extremely high because of his ability to provide long-term value and a competitive advantage for his customers.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business from Texas Tech University.